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Best Android Mobile Apps Development Company in Dubai, UAE

Al Wafiq Digital is a certified best android mobile application development company in Dubai, UAE. We are providing high-end android app development services to our clients. We have a team of expert professionals who are masters in their work they have all the technical and practical knowledge of mobile application development.

We are building our network of satisfied customers by providing high-quality android app development services without leaving any loopholes because we are the best android application development in Dubai. We are the mobile app development company in Dubai that focuses on its work and always tries to deliver on time. We are the best mobile app development company in Dubai whose primary goal is to satisfy our customers by providing high-quality after sell services.

There are many android application development companies in Dubai but what matter most is the quality. Android application development is a task which requires professional mobile app developers that’s why we have hired the best mobile app developers of Dubai.


Tried and Tested Services

Being one of the top mobile app development companies in Dubai we always make sure to provide fully tried and tested services. After mobile app development, we test that application and check it from every perspective and make sure that the app is engaging and working without any disturbance.

Our Mobile App Development Process












To evolve the idea into a successful app the first step is strategy making. There are few important points to analyze before making the strategy. The first step involves identifying the user of the app which helps to design the app accordingly. The second step is research about the competition it is a very crucial step which helps us to stand different from competitors. The third step is to establish the goals and objectives of the app which helps to make the app user-friendly. The fourth step is to select a mobile platform for the app so that it becomes easy for the target audience to find the app.


Analysis and Planning

Analyzing and planning process involves finding and clarifying all the details required for the app, designing the road map in this process we need to finalize every detail like app name domain name, etc.


UI / UX Design

The app is very important app design should be appealing and it should be user friendly. A well-designed app is easily acceptable by a user and it’s all feature are beneficial for the user. The design includes information architecture and workflow, wireframes; wireframes are a digital sketch of app design, style guide; style guide includes font size color scheme and design matching your brand, mockups and prototype is also included in this step.


App Development

Before the actual development of the app, it is important to define the technical architecture, pick a technology stack, and define the development milestones. Mobile app development includes three steps first is back-end/ server technology in this step we build a database or modify the existing platform to support the functions in your app, the second step is the application programming interface which creates a path of communication between the app and back-end database. The final step is the mobile app front-end in this step we finally develop an app with the support of back-end and API to make user friendly.



In this step, we perform a quality assurance test, in this step we make sure that the app is secure, stable, and useable. For this step, we have a professional quality assurance team their job is to complete all the steps involved in testing to make sure that the app is ready to use and able to achieve all the goals it is designed for.


Deployment & Support

Now it’s time to release the app which requires preparing metadata including Your app’s title, Description, Category, Keywords, Launch icon, App store screenshots submitting to the app store and it takes a few days or weeks for reviewing process it depends on the quality of the app. When the app becomes available on the app store its time to monitor the performance and the analytical process starts then we analyze the performance of the app. Then we encourage users to give feedback and suggestion about your app so that we can understand the perspective of the end-user which tells us that if there any changes or amendments required.


Top Mobile Application Developers Dubai

We have hired a team of experts who design your applications to stand out differently, our developers have incorporated the modern contemporary to meet the modern design and which makes the apps highly appealing. We make sure to provide training to our developers to polish their skills.

Expert Mobile App Developers Dubai, UAE


Al Wafiq Digital has expert mobile app developers in Dubai, UAE famous for providing custom android applications, our mobile application and development service is different from others because we provide highly engaging and result-oriented mobile applications we focus on details we fulfill customers’ demands accordingly. Our expert mobile application developers in Dubai are trained and experts in their work. We have the cream of this industry our developers are from the top android mobile app development institutes they know every aspect of this process they think critically. Android app development and mobile app development service are provided by many app development companies in Dubai because android application development has become the necessity for business

We provide android and iPhone app development services in Dubai and around the world

  • Al Wafiq Digital is the best mobile app development company in Dubai we provide android and iPhone services in Dubai and around the world. We are Dubai based android app development services and mobile application and development company and providing our services around the world. A huge number of satisfied customers recommending us as a best mobile app developers of Dubai in their circles, because of demands from other countries we are spending our services around the world.

  • Android application services we provide is different from other android development companies in Dubai because we provide custom android application for customers who demand for custom android application because we have best mobile application developers of Dubai who provide best android mobile application development service.

  • We are spending our business from UAE to other countries also our main goal is to facilitate many clients with our high-quality apps which will help them to grow digitally. As nowadays the world is growing digitally very fast so every business needs to digitalize themselves to compete with others because if we do not match the business standard we will be nowhere so that’s why Al WAFIQ DIGITAL is here to assess you and help to grow digitally. We are here to help you in fulfilling all your digital requirements. So, join our family to grow yourself faster in this digital world and become part of satisfied customers.


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