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Creating animations generally requires a high level of skill

Whiteboard Animated Video Services in Dubai – A Hands-on Approach to Storytelling

In animation, whiteboard animated videos are becoming increasingly common. The style imitates a real-time human hand drawing the content. This animation style works best in explainer videos, where it can be mixed with a good voice-over to better explain complicated concepts.

Creating animations generally requires a high level of skill. We have a team of designers and animators at Al Wafiq Digital in Dubai who can help you create this kind of content. Conceptualization, analysis on the market and its target markets, as well as producing and distributing the animation are all part of the process. Al Wafiq Digital will provide you with storyboarding, scripting, drawing, animation, sound, and editing so that the content can come to life. a click away, and we, as a leading SEO agency in Dubai, will help you get there!

We're one of the leading animation video production company in Dubai, and we make some of the best motion graphic advertisements. Al Wafiq Digital is excited to provide high-definition custom motion graphics transitions Dubai, UAE, at a reasonable price.

Get 30 Second Whiteboard Animated Video

Get 30 Second Whiteboard Animated Video

At Al Wafiq Digital in Dubai, we are confident that we will assist you in achieving your 30 second animated explainer video objectives. Since people's attention periods are shortening in today's hyper-connected world of SnapChat and Twitter, 30 second explainer videos can be excellent bite-size treats for your audiences. Furthermore, if you want to use conventional media, they can be used as animated TV advertisements (most TV slots are 30 seconds).

Al Wafiq Digital being an animation video production agency in Dubai has done a fantastic job of 30 second whiteboard animation videos. For creating whiteboard animation online videos, we handle all stages of development. Our carefully crafted script and design, along with well-organized storyboards, are powerful and stand out among other animated videos.

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The need to be grasped easily, for the simple whiteboard animation videos, has grown as the age has progressed, and it has become a highly optimized solution in terms of saving time and money. Al Wafiq Digital agency is an expert in producing accurate and efficient digital whiteboard animated videos. For whiteboard animation, we use hand such that the characters and pictures with the text sound like they were drawn by hand in real life.

We create hand whiteboard animation for seamless transitions and a lucid effect in images. Through the animation, it maintains the viewers' focus. Our technical staff has extensive experience with a variety of software programs, including Video Scribe, Vyond, Fiverr, Renderforest, among others. Our artists pay close attention to the nuances and carefully script the emotional plot. We use real-life explanations and situations to keep the viewer interested until the conclusion of the videos.

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Create Exceptional Animated Video and 3D Animation

Be it a 3D video, explainer videos, white board animated videos or 2D character video, We Al Wafiq Digital company as a professional 3D animated video explainer and 2D & 3D animation services Dubai provide a massive range of animated explainer video production services from storyboarding to final production.

We have a track record of producing personalized whiteboard animation videos that meet the needs of our customers. Our experts not only work diligently on the instructions, they also give clients tips on how to draw animation images. We create the best whiteboard animated videos by creating an entertaining and captivating narrative with a script that is simple to understand and appealing font types.

Our in-house studio team creates all of Al Wafiq Digital's animated videos scenes and cool effects. They're animation experts can just do one thing: Animate. Any animated video you create with the Al Wafiq Digital agency animated videos creator will be perfectly polished and beautifully powerful thanks to their wealth of experience.


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