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10 Key Elements for a Good Website Design & Development

Farook Hassan May 17,2021

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1. Why there is a need for a website?

Before making any decision regarding your website you need to answer few questions. First you need to understand why you need a website. What is your goal? What do you want to achieve? What will be the ultimate purpose of your website? You cannot just want a website because everyone has their website. Rather you need to set a goal why it is necessary for you to have a website.

Setting goals is very crucial because your whole website development process depends on the goals you set. If you hire the best website Development Company in Dubai their first question will be what your goal is. The only professional web developer will communicate with you to find out the main purpose of your website. And what are the goals you wanted to achieve with your website?

Answering these question will create a clear image in the mind of your web developer. Once the aim is clear there will be fewer chances of misunderstanding. And it will be easier to find the best platform for your website. The web designing process and web development process will become easier and up to the mark.

2. Company or Business About us!

About us is the most needed element of a website it builds an image of your company in the customer's mind. It is not a skippable element. When we meet someone we first introduce ourselves which gives a good impression and helps the other person to get comfortable. Same as when the visitors visit your website they wanted to know about your company’s background.

If you wanted to develop the best website in Dubai, UAE, make sure to introduce yourself to your web development agency so that it will be easier for them to understand you and your company. A good understanding results a good outcomes. This will be beneficial for you and will help in attracting people to your website.

Company or Business About us!

3. Navigation should be user-friendly

Do you know what the most important element for a good website is? Yes, it's user-friendly website navigation. We do not want the visitor to be stuck in complicated navigation. So we need to keep it relevant, simply, and user-friendly. Your menu should be simple and locate all the pages. We do not want the visitor to roam around just to find a product, and service we provide. Make sure you have navigation and search tab on the top of your website so that visitor can easily search what he is looking for.

4. Attractive web design and layout

Before reading anything the visitors see your website design and layout. An attractive graphics on your website can impress your potential customers and make them stay on your website. Do not overload your website with too much font style and visual, just keep it balanced. A balanced website is more attractive and gives the desired results.

Web design and layout also depend on your choice of website whether you need a WordPress website , eCommerce website , or custom CMS website Design and layouts depending on the category of the website you choose. If you hire Al Wafiq Digital one of the best web design companies in Dubai, then there is no need to worry our professional web designer will guide you through this.

Attractive web design and layout

5. Website Content

Good website content adds value to your website an shows the quality of your website. Website content helps in two ways firstly it builds visitor's interest and it also helps you in Search Engine Optimization which make it SEO friendly website While writing website content few things we need to keep in mind

  • It should be understandable
  • Website content should be concise
  • It should be informative.

The main role of website content is to explain your company, its goals and objectives, and your product/services. It is important that the content is well structured and depicts the image of your company. Quality content is understandable by your customer and makes them relate to your product/services.

6. Call to action

Call to action is a very essential element for every website which indirectly tells the visitors what they need to do next. It is important to place multiple call to action statements on your website which helps you to convert the website visitor to your customer.

You cannot put a call to action statements anywhere you first need to provide the complete information about your product/service and write some convincing statements before you place a call to action statement. Some of the examples of call to action statements are:

  • Contact us
  • Purchase now
  • Avail this offer
  • Get updates on emails
  • Subscribe to newsletters etc.
Call to action

7. Clients Testimonials

To increase the credibility of your website you need to add testimonials. Testimonials help people to understand your work style and quality. To stand out in the fully competitive market you there should be a testimonial section on your website which shows comments of your clients and how they appreciated your work.

The testimonial provides the news customer a comfortable environment it helps in trust-building. There should be a separate page for the testimonial so that the visitor can get fully comfortable while purchasing from your website.

8. Story Telling

Success story leaves a good impact on your website that is the way it is important to add some success stories of your clients and awards you received and platform where you have been recognized. To make your customers loyal and make them feel connected it is important to tell them your brand story. Your brand story will create a relationship between you and your customers. It will also give you a competitive advantage given your competitors.

9. FAQ Section

If you want to have the best website that showcases your product/services in UAE, then you need to include all the elements in your eCommerce website or WordPress Website the visitor wants. Do not let your visitor leave with so many questions in their mind these questions will stop them from making any decision.

There should be an FAQ section on your website that answers the entire question that a visitor must ask. This section must be capable of answering customer's every query related to the company and its offering. Keep updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) whenever you face any new query so that next time customer gets his answer without even asking.

10. Contact Info

Most important thing is to mention your contact information to prove your authenticity. If the visitor wants to contact you and does not find your contact details easily he must doubt your credibility. Also, provide links to your social media handlings to show your customer how active you are on social media. Your activities on social media create communication between you and your customer and make them realize that they matter to you.

These 10 elements are very essentials for a well attractive website. If you want to hire the services of a professional web development agency in Dubai, then visit Al Wafiq Digital who cares about you and provides you best quality web design services in UAE. We provide every kind of website like WordPress, CMS website, eCommerce website, and also a customize website.

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