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Important Facts to Know About Web Design & Web Development

Farook Hassan May 17,2021

Website is a need of today’s world; if you want a professional WordPress website you cannot just contact any WordPress website developer for it. You need to differentiate whether the person you are hiring has only knowledge about web development or he is an expert in this profession. It is your job to judge their capabilities that how much they can contribute to your business growth. Find the right web development company is a tricky task before that you need to understand your requirement.

There are some steps involved in finding the best WordPress website developer in Dubai. Firstly you have to understand that web development and web design are not the same things. These both work are linked together and support each other in creating a website but both of them are different from each other. Website designer deals with the front end responsibility like designing the website to make it look attractive. On the other hand website, developers rule the back-end responsibilities he makes sure that the website is functional and running smoothly.

important facts to know about web design & web development

How to hire Web Development Services in Dubai?

There are few tricks to judge and analyze the level of expertise the web developers have.

  • The website of a developer shows his caliber, everyone shows their full expertise on their own business. So it will be easy for you to understand their ability and skills.
  • Check their portfolio every developer provides some sample work to show the variety in their work. This will help you to judge how dedicated they are towards their clients.
  • Navigation quality is the important element for every WordPress website; good navigation will help the visitors to land on the desired page with the help of links provided. The smoothness of the website is also important if the visitor feel that your website is very time taking and slow or not taking you to the desired destination. He will not stay on your website and will never visit it again.
  • The quality content on a website increases its worth so make sure to request quality content
  • It is up to you whether to hire a local web developer or a foreign agency. Both things are fine and depend on your choice that whose work attracts you more.

how to hire web development services in dubai?

Website Communication is a Key to Success

Your job does not end after hiring a web developer and leaving everything on him. If you want to get the best result from the WordPress website development process, then you need to communicate with them. Give your website developer a brief about your requirement. Keep in touch with them while your website development is in process. If you choose Al Wafiq Digital Dubai as your web developer, then there will be no reason to worry about it because we communicate with our clients frequently.

website communication is a key to success

What is Web Design?

To create an attraction on your website is the job of the web designer. Web design refers to the outlook of your website which includes: Color schemes, font styles, Attractive images, etc. web designer you choose should have a creative mind along with knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and expertise in all the graphics designing tools. Creating a website is a process of combining different expertise and achieves a single perfect outcome. Choosing a good combination can bring a good outcome so choose wisely.

what is web design?

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