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Benefits of Social Media for Your Business in Dubai, UAE

Farook Hassan May 17,2021

The world is growing digitally and commercially, in today’s world social media has become essential for every business. Regardless of the size of your business whether it is a small shop or a big organization, it has become mandatory for every business to show its presence on social media. Now it is important to include social media in your marketing strategy.

Social media will help you in your business growth. Many benefits of social media will lead your business to success. Some of the benefits are

1. Brand Awareness

You can easily increase your brand visibility with the use of social media. To increase your brand visibility you need to first create a page and invest your time in it. Over time your brand visibility will increase, and it will help in converting potential customers into satisfied clients. You only need to invest time because creating profiles on social media platforms is free of cost.

To make an effective social media strategy for brand awareness you need to make clear goals. Do you want to highlight your services? Want to focus on any offer? Or any other thing you want to achieve? Be specific while designing a social media strategy because it helps you to decide which social media platform is best for you.

To spread brand awareness content strategy is also important there are different types of content; image content, videos, gifs, memes, live videos, etc. if you hire Al Wafiq Digital the best social media marketing agency in Dubai, UAE. Then you do not need to worry about strategy because a social media expert knows everything!

2. Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

By using social media, you can communicate with your customer and it also makes you aware of their likes, dislikes and their interests. Before becoming your customer people visit your social media handling to check your online presence because they want answers to some of their questions. And if they get personalize answers to their queries it builds satisfaction which leads them to become loyal customers.

Social media encourages engagement as these are open platforms people connect and communicate with each other around the world. If you post something about your product and services then in the comment section random people will start communicating and asking each other about the quality and experience. These engagements are very helpful for a brand.

If you are Dubai, UAE based company then before making a social media marketing strategy you need to first find out what are the current social media marketing trends in Dubai. Social media marketing trends help you to increase customer engagement which will boost your sales.

3. Trusted Community Building

Trusted Community Building

Trusted community building is a very crucial element to increase your brand's worth. It helps customers to get in touch with each other and your brand. These days’ customers do not want to call customer service rather they find it easy to right on social media.

Building a trusted community has many advantages it builds the trust of a potential customer when people see several people from Dubai and UAE are talking about your brand and are satisfied then they will also be able to relate with your brand which will increase your worth as a brand. You can not underestimate the power of social media because “it can make you or break you”. So work wisely.

4. Increasing Website Traffic

Increasing Website Traffic

Maybe someone is not looking for a product or services you provide but when they see something attractive on social media they will ultimately visit your website. Social media plays a vital role in increasing traffic on your website. A good social media marketing strategy will help you to reach out to your potential customer which will lead them towards your website.

Social media content in Dubai and UAE is different from other countries. You have to design posts and run ads according to UAE’s social media trends and ultimately it will help you by driving traffic towards your website. Post content related to your website and blogs on social media which encourage people to visit your website.

Through social media, it becomes easier to target a specific audience if you want to target people specifically from Dubai or you want a completely UAE base audience then you can run ads to target people demographically to drive the right traffic towards your website.

5. Knowledge of Marketplace

Knowledge of Marketplace

Keep an eye on common social media activities of your customers to know more about them. Social media platforms help you to know about the trends, likes dislikes of your customers and the activities of your competitors. It is very important to know about your competitors and their reputation in the market.

Competitor awareness is key because it keeps you updated about their new launches, promotional ideas, and marketing strategy. You can analyze their marketing tools and tactics to present your brand in a much better way. Only social media platform will help you to have the updated knowledge of the marketplace.

6. Easiest Way of Promotions

The easiest way to promote your brand is Social media because it helps you to target the right audience. Social media advertising is different from other mainstream media advertisings because in that case, you are never sure that is your message reaching to target audience or not. But while using social media platforms you can reach directly to your target audience which results in quick conversions.

Social media is an inexpensive way of promotions you can promote your business on social media in many ways. Some of them are listed below:

  • Influencer Marketing
  • Paid promotions
  • Collaborations
  • Product integrations
  • E-word of mouth
  • Customer reviews and ratings
  • Targeted ads, Etc.

Top Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE

Social media marketing is the present and future of every business and it will keep growing. Create our social media accounts, keep them updated and engaging. If you are finding any difficulties or have a shortage of time then hire the finest social media marketing agency in UAE. If you hire Al Wafiq Digital we will help you to become one of the top brands in Dubai with our expertise and experience. Don’t think too much just digitalize yourselves.


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