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The Importance of Using Multiple Social Media Marketing Platforms

Farook Hassan May 17,2021

The best way to reach your target audience these days is through social media. The importance of social media is increasing day by day. As a result of the pandemic, it has been increasing differently not only in Dubai, UAE but in the whole world. After Covid-19 the world is becoming digitalized and as a business, if you want to survive then it is important to digitalize yourself. To increase your potentials, it is necessary to use multiple social media marketing platforms.

There are many benefits of using multiple social media platforms. Some of the main benefits of using multiple platforms of social media are explained below.

1. Wider Scope of Audience

Wider Scope of Audience

There are several social media marketing platforms out there and people are scattered on different social media platforms. If you want to reach your target audience in Dubai or any other country then you need to use different social media platforms to reach them. It is a good marketing strategy to get your business on different platforms which will result in a better reach.

Until and unless you are 100% sure that all your target audience is on one platform you cannot rely on a single platform. Twitter and Facebook are the most popular and populated sites around the world but still, if you want to go for the niche there are YouTube, Pinterest, etc. so it is better to use multiple platforms to target a wider audience.

2. Boost SEO Ranking

Boost SEO Ranking

To boost your website and to give it a better ranking you need good quality professional content writer because as we all know “content is the king”. Good quality content helps in better reach, social media marketing is also a kind of content that helps you to get better reach and boosts your SEO ranking. If the name of your company appears on many websites it will help you in better ranking. As Facebook and Twitter are authentic websites it helps you in better SEO ranking.

Al wafiq Digital as a Professional Social media marketing agency advises you to use multiple social media platforms. It will increase your ranking and will make you more visible on the internet.

3. Professional Customer Service

Professional Customer Service

When you use multiple social media platforms you get several customer service centers. It will help you in connecting with your customers and you can address their problems. There are different people on different platforms facing different issues. When you miss any of the platforms you miss a chance to cater to your customer’s issue which will leave a bad impression.

Word of mouth is the strongest weapon that can work for you as well as work against you. It is important to have knowledge that what people are saying about you. If you are unaware of feedbacks and people’s opinions then you will be unable to grow. Addressing customer’s issues and providing a solution will help you and this can only happen when you use multiple social media platforms.

4. Keeping People Updated

You need to keep your customer updated about new arrivals, discounts, and other important information. When you launch a new product or service it requires a high budget to advertise because without advertising how will you tell people about new arrivals. By using different social media platforms it has become very easy to deliver your message to the right person.

Social media marketing in Dubai is very budget-friendly you can connect with different people through different social media platforms. This tool will also save time and effort. Here you have different options and different platforms to reach your target audience.

5. Competition Alert!

Do not think you are the only one who is doing social media marketing. If you are not on any of social media platforms there is a chance that your competitor is already there or they are planning to be there. Do not let them take advantage and get all your customers. It is now become easier to find out what your competitor is doing. You can find out through their website that what platforms they are using.

Finding the social media strategy of your competitor is not a difficult task you can check their social media handlings and find out how they are communicating with people.

Important Elements That Help You to Grow!

There are few important elements that you can keep in mind while designing a social media marketing strategy. You can take services from any Digital marketing company in Dubai. Whether you are doing it by yourself or hiring any social media marketing company these elements are very important. These elements will help you in your digital growth.


Your posting time should be consistent so it will be easier for everyone to predict when they can hear from you. Do not post whenever you get time or after a long period, it will make the customer lose their interest. There should be proper timing and proper planning before posting anything so that people stay connected with you.

Updated & Informative Content Quality

Posting content is not like you can post anything not relatable and meaningless. Instead, you should keep in mind that to whom you are talking to what are they expecting from you. Post quality content that is relatable, informative, and what people want from you.

Interaction with Audience

Interaction with Audience

Keep interacting with your audience to build a relationship with them. Keep engaging them by asking some questions or posting something interactive. Answer their questions through your posts or reply to comments this will make them feel that they matter to you. When people get connected to any brand emotionally they become loyal customers. So, make your customers loyal with your engaging posts.

Appealing Images for Social Media Marketing Platforms

Do not make your social media handlings look boring. Posting text or links will never gather the audience's attention. To grab their attention you need to post content with attractive and appealing images. Usually, people extract messages from images faster than text. Keep your post attractive and interactive by using images.

Follow all the above-mentioned elements to increase your credibility. If you think it is difficult to do all this by yourself then contact Al wafiq Digital one of the finest Social media marketing companies in Dubai we will assist you and help you find the best solution for your business.


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