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Will Digital Marketing replace Traditional Marketing?

Farook Hassan May 17,2021

Every day, the world turns out to be more advanced and browsing online. we do the vast majority of our banking on the web, see our news on our telephones, and even read books on tablets, our shopping and updates about new trend we prefer to do by living in our home comfort.

In today’s world, most of the business is carried out through digital marketing platforms and companies are putting their very best marketing efforts just to utilize the investments they make throughout the marketing strategy for a better return on investments.

Another example from marketingdive.’ Companies are expected to spend $25.1 billion on marketing automation technology by the year 2023.

Digital Marketing has dominated, it has figured out how to give brands, not just a worldwide stage to be in touch with the large audience, yet additionally has assisted with making mindfulness and advance organizations on a large scale and that is the reason an increasing number of businesses turning towards the digital marketing, with outperforming conventional strategies, we reveal to you why it's smarter to put your advertising online and help your business grow dramatically in this digital era.

Traditional Marketing Channels V/S Digital Marketing Channels

Traditional marketing using the old methods of advertising which has been overly expensive over the years, is now fading time to time because of the less conversion rate and bringing less quality to the business. Traditional market covers the area of these platforms:

  • • Newspaper Ads
  • • Radio
  • • Television
  • • Flyer
  • • Billboards
  • • Magazine Ads

traditional marketing channels v/s digital marketing channels-1

Whereas digital marketing does advertise by using different digital channels which include:

  • • Social Media
  • • Email Marketing
  • • Blogs
  • • Paid Search (PPC)
  • • Search Engine Optimization
  • • Blogs and Content Marketing
  • • Mobile
  • • Online Brochures
  • • Video Marketing

traditional marketing channels v/s digital marketing channels-2

Key Points How Digital Marketing Better Than Traditional Marketing


High Customer Engagement

In Traditional Marketing it's extremely hard to collaborate with your audience. Regularly, brands need to trust that clients will get in contact with them so as to make the further steps. Then again, with digital marketing, brands can immediately associate with their audience through messages or comments on social media. It is likewise a lot simpler to be in touch with them in conversations through video or questions, which means your image has a vastly improved presence, along these lines improving the probability of loyal customers or brand reliability. Also, businesses would be able to communicate with their clients if there are any issues, as correspondence is immediate.

Large Target Audience

Traditional marketing target audience is most of the time limited as they can only focus on the regional and local audience regardless of whether your business isn't confined to those areas. Where as in digital marketing, you can design your missions to target at various locales, nations or even explicit socioeconomics. This implies each advertisement can be changed to best engage your audience, as opposed to with traditional marketing, while in digital marketing by using various marketing content and different channels business can hit a large number of audiences infact they can reach everywhere there is no limit.

Less Expensive

when it comes to expense then there is a significant difference in the cost of traditional and digital marketing and It's nothing unexpected that digital advertising yields a more noteworthy ROI (return on investment) than traditional techniques. Paper and printing costs are moderately high, and advertisers at that point need to spend much more cash on advertising, while TV and paper promotions are likewise expensive as well. Internet advertising, notwithstanding, is considerably more financially savvy, and your adverts and brand are seen by a lot more prominent audience, which means a lower bit of the spending plan gets more business.

Time Saving

The best aspect of digital marketing is that it saves your time and effort. Considerably more than financial venture, time can be a business' most valuable asset. and they are very conscious about it, particularly for business people and entrepreneurs. it you save your hours from promotion period that is an hour you can put invest into different parts of your business. digital marketing is a lot of turning into an arrangement of prioritization. it is just like getting a lot of output from a less input where as traditional marketing is very time consuming and it takes days and days for the results.

Outcomes Can Be Effectively Measured

By using old traditional promotional activities for example, passing out leaflets or promoting in papers, it's practically difficult to quantify achievement. Interestingly, while using digital marketing in your advertising activities, you can in a flash quantify and view all data from bounce and conversion rates to the quantity of customers, by seeing tools, for example, Google Analytics imply that organizations can without much of a stretch report the achievement of their campaigns, and afterward alter them appropriately according to the need. it also helps business to focus on from where they got their potential customers and they work more in future.

key points how digital marketing better than traditional marketing


With our expertise in Digital Marketing channels over the decades, we as a team Al Wafiq Digital can help with all of your Digital Marketing requirements. From Social media marketing to Search engine optimization, content creation to website development and video marketing, our digital era of experts has knowledge how to ensure your brand reaches to the top of search engines while increasing your ROI and audience. If you want to grow with us you can Contact us today to find out more about our services.


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