CRM Software Solution Provider for Companies Based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

CRM Software Solution Provider for Companies Based in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Al Wafiq Digital is a trusted IT company providing CRM software solutions in Dubai & Abu Dhabi for years. After investing years in business process research and professional consultation, we have become an expert in providing affordable CRM for small and medium-sized businesses in UAE. Because of our years of experience and hard work, we can provide the finest customer relationship management services in many business sectors. We are guiding our customers to solve their needs by overcoming the challenges they are facing in their business related to CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Al Wafiq Digital provides simple, consistent, cutting edge, and affordable CRM for small and medium-sized businesses. We are the CRM software provider who helps you to provide every customer personalized experience. It will also help the business to grow by building a deep relationship with its customers. If you want to influence marketing automation and increase your sale, then go for the best CRM software solution in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

When your client grows it becomes difficult for you to maintain data of potential and regular customers daily because if you do not note down the data it is almost impossible to remember the data. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps the sales team to stay in contact constantly and explore more opportunities.

We are the top CRM software provider in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, providing you the result-oriented marketing, sales, and customer facility tools. It helps you to have the most personalized experience of customers which ultimately lets you know about the customer insights along with loyalty. We also offer Cloud CRM Software which is the best and perfect fit CRM for small businesses.


Al Wafiq Digital CRM Solutions Dubai & Abu Dhabi Will Helps You in Achieving Your Business Goals

Al Wafiq Digital CRM Solutions Dubai & Abu Dhabi Will Helps You in Achieving Your Business Goals

Al Wafiq Digital CRM software provider in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, before offering the best CRM software in Dubai we first analyze your business requirements and understand the goals of your business. Selection of CRM software solution is very time taking and important because it is very crucial to integrate the flawless CRM software which perfectly fits our business requirements.

Along with the experience of guiding all kinds of businesses to get result-oriented CRM software solutions Al Wafiq Digital’s creative process helps you find the best CRM software in Dubai. We are offering the following benefits in our CRM software solutions.

  • • We offer extremely flexible CRM that will grow along with your business.
  • • We deliver one point solution to manage all clients’ details.
  • • We provide a marketing automation tool to understand the customer’s perspective.
  • • Our CRM software solution will help you in cost reduction, data quality improvement, and internal corporation.

Al Wafiq Digital CRM Solutions Dubai & Abu Dhabi Will Helps You in Achieving Your Business Goals
CRM Software for Small, Medium and Large Companies

CRM Software for Small, Medium and Large Companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Al Wafiq Digital is a professional CRM software provider in Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE. Our CRM software solution in Dubai, Abu Dhabi will help you organizing and synchronizing marketing, customer service, sales, and technical support in a smooth and structured manner. It helps in forecasting sales in different seasons and locations. It helps you to get closer to your customers and let you serve them in a better way.

Analyzing your Seles team’s performance and efficiency has become an easier task with it. Being an expert CRM Software Vendor we help you in bringing your entire customer's data to an integrated single platform that helps you in building customer-centric marketing strategies. As a CRM software provider, we provide different CRM software solutions for different businesses. For small and medium businesses we offer Cloud CRM Software and for large businesses, we provide tailored CRM software solutions.

Why Al Wafiq Digital?

We provide a CRM software solution in Dubai & Abu Dbahi which will build a better customer understanding, will help you in customer retention, and decrease the customer management cost. Our solutions are flexibly designed to meet all your increasing demands. We have a team of professionals who develop and design customized CRM software according to your demand. Our team makes sure to deliver the perfect customized platform for your business that helps you to grow. Some of the best features we provide are:


Our customized software will help you in achieving your marketing goals. With help of this software, you will be able to plan organize and run the most successful marketing campaign. It helps you in planning campaigns based on locations and other factors which help in cost reduction.


Our custom software helps you maintain a safe secure and approachable tele-calling database. It provides automated tools and builds calling queues and automated scripts to target the right person at right time with the right message. We help you in maintaining an accessible and secure tele-calling database.


We provide some strong features that help in lead generation and maintainable growth in sales. It has the feature of mass SMS and email marketing that helps you in identifying potential customers and delivering the right message to them frequently to get the conversions.


It is very difficult and tricky to handle all clients’ accounts. Our solution allows you to have a single account depository where you can store and locate your customer contacts with different data parameters.


Our experts know the importance of conversions that is why we are providing this feature where you get a high opportunity to convert your potential clients in to confirm leads. We help in managing the revenue pipeline by providing one platform to track the leads.


We are providing you the opportunity to solve all money-related problems. We help you in maintaining all currencies and provide you different pricing options for different clients. You can maintain your price list depending on location, quantity, and packages.


You can manage your quotation easily with the help of CRM software; you can manage discounts, prices, and quotations. You can manage, quote, approve and send the quotation directly through a single platform which reduces the time involved in this process.


This solution will lessen the stress and human efforts because it sends notifications to a different department and let them know about the next step they should do. It generates alerts that make the invoicing process easy and less time-consuming.


Every business wants to satisfy their customers with reliable and on-time services. CRM helps you in managing all tasks on time. It reminds you about what next procedure is required and when it is required which helps you in maintaining customer satisfaction.

Free Consultation Service for CEM Software

Are you in search of CRM for small businesses? Do you need a good CRM Software Vendor? Are you looking for cloud CRM software? Then you are right place. Al Wafiq Digital is a Trustworthy CRM Software Vendor in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We provide a solution to all your problems by providing you best quality CRM software in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

We have a team of expert consultants who will guide you and provide you free consultation services. We will first understand your business requirement then guide you on what is the best fit for your business. They also tell you if you need cloud CRM software or customized software Book our free consultation services right now.

Free Consultation Service for CRM Solution

Our Experience with Kentico

From large enterprises to mid-scale organizations who need a robust & secure business solutions, we have built several Kentico-based websites & apps aligned with the business goals to achieve higher sales & productivity.

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  • Online Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Online Communities
  • Intranet and Collaboration

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