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Almost 9.63 million people in UAE are active users of social media and spend more than 7 hours on social media. Social media has become a community where people from different places not only interacting with each other, but they are also influencing each other. In the past few years, many brands have evolved themselves by understanding the importance of social media influencer marketing. This change has created an opportunity for an influencer marketing agency in Dubai and they have also launched many influencer marketing campaigns.

Al Wafiq Digital influencer marketing agency in Dubai providing modern solutions for modern problems. Endorsing brands through T.V, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, etc. are old-school methods in this modern era we need an influencer marketing strategy to meet the requirement of this new modernized digital world.

Influencer Marketing Dubai: Make your true Influence

Influencer Marketing Dubai: Make your true Influence

Our Influencer marketing agency Dubai is connecting brands with top social media influencers who are inspiring the specific audience. Dubai is a place where all social media influencers visit for endorsement, live shows, and meetups, and community enlargement. Being an influencer marketing agency Dubai, UAE we know how to approach these influencers and do collaborations with them.

The influencers are divided into the following kinds depends on the number of followers they have:
•  Mega influencer: more than 1M followers
•  Macro influencers: more than 500K followers but less than 1M
•  Mid-tier influencer: more than 50K followers but less than 500K
•  Micro influencer: more than 10K followers but less than 50K
•  Nano influencer: more than 1K followers but less than 10K

Influencer’s Categories

Before doing social media influencer marketing first thing we need to understand is that every social media influencer is having different audiences from around the world depends on their interests. Before making any influencer marketing strategy we make sure to explain to our clients about kinds of influencers we have who can help them in social media influencer marketing. Because many influencers are inspiring different people.

•  Gaming — live streamers
•  Bloggers and vloggers
•  Photographers
•  Sports stars
•  Health and fitness
•  Food
•  Beauty and fashion
•  Activists
•  Actors/actresses
•  Journalists
•  Models, etc.

Influencer’s Categories

The Marketing Trend That Is Influencing the Future

Many trends will affect the future of influencer marketing some of them are explained below for your better understandings

The Increasing Impact of Nano and Micro-Influencers

The number of followers is not the case now. Now a day’s more impactful thing is the relatability of lifestyle. The life of Nano and micro-influencers is more relatable and creating a huge impact in the life of people. People are following them and also trust their recommendations. These micro-influencers are the best fit for small businesses having a low budget because they do not charge much.

Impact of Live Streaming

These day’s influencers who do live streaming are getting more attention from the public. Live streaming builds two-way communication which attracts more public because they can watch them live. This is creating a huge impact on the digital industry.

Audio and Video Content Creator

Audio and video content are more effective than written content. There is a point when written content becomes less interesting and people lose their interest. On the other hand, audio and video content are more interesting for the audience. So the demand for audio and video content is increasing day by day.

The Rise in CGI Influencers

Computer-generated influencers are the future of this industry. Many influencer marketing agency Dubai has included the CGI in their list of influencer to boost their influencer marketing campaigns.

Employee Influencers

In the future of marketing, every brand will make their employees influencers and this will be on top of their influencer marketing strategy. As the employee has firsthand knowledge of every process involved in providing products and services. So if the employee is the influencer he/she will convey the brand’s message in a better manner.

Long Term Association

While making an influencer marketing strategy we as an influencer marketing agency Dubai make sure to build a long-term relationship with influencers so that people can trust our product and services. If the influencer keeps promoting different products/services of the same industry then it will be difficult for the audience to trust. So building a long-term association is the best solution to run an effortless influencer marketing campaign.

Influencer Marketing Free Consultation

Al Wafiq Digital provides free consultation to its potential clients. If you are confuse and finding it difficult to understand that how you should market your brand. No need to worry, because we will guide you. Our expert marketing professionals will provide you free consultation service for your business endorsement.


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