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Al Wafiq Digital best iOS app Development agency in Dubai our iOS app development service meets the modern iOS app development Dubai standards. Our custom iOS development makes us the best iOS mobile app development service provider in Dubai, UAE. Our USP is custom iOS development. We work on the quality of iOS app development. Our iOS mobile app development services are not like traditional iOS development company because we believe in innovation and customer satisfaction.

Why choose our iOS Application Development Company Dubai?

Why choose our iOS Application Development Company Dubai?

Al Wafiq digital is the one and only iOS app Development Company in Dubai, UAE who knows that different clients have different requirements related to iOS mobile app development that is why we work for custom iOS application development which is not possible for any other iOS development company. We not only work hard before the development we also work for amendments according to requirements. As the business grows the requirements of the iOS application also changes.

Some of the features we provide as an iOS Mobile App Development make us different from any other iOS app development company in Dubai. As an iOS development agency, our iOS mobile app development services guarantee ROI and cost-cutting, our designed iOS app will improve the customer experience, provide high-performing and clean code, the complete lifecycle of marketing and design, custom integration, easy content management and reduce your time to market.

Hire the Best iOS App Development Company in Dubai, UAE

  • Al Wafiq Digital experienced iOS app development company in Dubai, UAE. We are providing high-end iOS app development services to our clients. We have a team of the top iOS developers in Dubai who have complete knowledge about how to work for an iOS development company in Dubai.

  • Many iOS development companies are working in Dubai but we are the only iOS app development company that thinks from the consumer's point of view. We make sure to provide finest iOS app development service in Dubai by focusing on quality, security, and accuracy.

  • Being an iOS development agency we have hired the top iOS app developer Dubai who have professional knowledge about iOS mobile app development and are expert in providing custom iOS application development.

Our iOS Mobile App Development Process












The first step to make a successful iOS app is strategy making. Analyzing few points before the strategy-making process. Categorizing the user of the iOS app to find out which design will complement the iOS app is the first step. The second step involves the process of researching about the competitors which ultimately helps us to compete with a competitor and stand out differently. Step three is to set the objectives and goals we need to achieve to make our iOS app user-friendly.


Analysis and Planning

Analyzing and planning process includes collecting and clarifying necessary details for the iOS app, designing a complete procedure, and a road map so that our iOS app shows a different identity. We finalize the domain name, app name, and other details in this process.


UI / UX Design

The design of the iOS app is an important element we focus on because in our opinion design should be user-friendly and appealing. The user easily accepts a well-designed app; whose features are beneficial for them.


App Development

Before developing the actual iOS app, the necessary step is to describe the define the technical architecture, pick a technology stack, and define the development milestones



The most important thing in this process is the testing process which is for quality assurance. We try to make sure that the iOS app is secure, stable, and useable. we have hired a professional quality assurance team their job is to complete all the steps involved in testing to make sure that the iOS app is ready to use and able to achieve all the goals it is designed for.


Deployment & Support

Now it’s time to release the app which requires preparing metadata including Your app’s title, Description, Category, Keywords, Launch icon, App store screenshots submitting to the app store and it takes a few days or weeks for reviewing process it depends on the quality of the app. When the app becomes available on the app store its time to monitor the performance and the analytical process starts then we analyze the performance of the app. Then we encourage users to give feedback and suggestion about your app so that we can understand the perspective of the end-user which tells us that if there any changes or amendments required.

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