Deliver High-Performing
and Superior User Experiences

Testing, More Than Just the Last Step

With continuous changes in business environments including increasing application integration, use of service-oriented
architecture and system complexity, organizations have never been more focused on the need to balance quality
assurance testing services and accelerate time to market.

Why AlWafiq Digital
Quality Assurance?

Our testing experts effectively collaborate with you to provide high-performing, reliable and cost-efficient industry solutions. Putting quality in the priority lane, we ensure quality assurance drive agility, create value, address requirements of complex integrations. Stay digitally assured with Alwafiq QA!

Automation Testing

Our professional testers use high-quality frameworks like Selenium to perform automation testing that assures rapid performance.

Security Testing

Gain valuable insight into your security eco-system with comprehensive reports and safeguard your operational systems as intended.

Usability Testing

With end-to-end usability testing services, you can improve critical flows of your website by determining the pain points in the user experience.

Core Testing

An exclusive ability in core testing, backed with deep industry knowledge, our testers provide innovative and business-driven testing solutions.

Mobile Testing

From flawless functionalities to impeccable user experience under varying network conditions, mobile testing assures everything, all at competitive prices.

Performance Testing

Performance testing keeps your customers happy and satisfied. Testing application performance determines every aspect of the product under a particular workload.

Comprehensive Testing Services, Detect Bugs Faster

Following an agile and end-to-end approach, Quality Assurance testing solutions help organizations to reimagine business models,
reinvent customer experiences, and redefine mobility for better business outcomes.


25% Lower
Testing Cost


Predict and Prevent over
90% of Severe Defects


At least 15%
faster time to Market

How Does It Work?

With rich experience and deep industry expertise, we adopt the best practices and latest technologies to ensure maximum possible agility. We focus on selecting the best test methodology to deliver huge advantage, assuring both quality and timely delivery.

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    Test Strategy

    We build a test strategy that describes the testing approach of a software development cycle. It is built to address the key issues of the testing process.

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    Test Planning

    It verifies and ensures that the product meets its design specification and other requirements. It identifies defects, risks, test cases, and test schedules.

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    Test Procedures

    With this, testing specialists assure that the product is working perfectly fine, without any functionality glitches.

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    Test Validation

    It validates the software thus enables faster time-to-the-market. Through validation, clients achieve greater ROI with utmost quality of products.

Our Expertise

New Age Business Demands New Age Testing Tools


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